31 aug. 2010

The fun-fun-place before the Storm

Så. Imorgon börjar det. Allvaret.

At the beginning of every new semester, I always find myself in incredibly high spirits. Somehow, I manage to delude myself into believing that school is a place of fun-fun times and conveniently forget that it is in fact, hell on earth. E.v.er.y s.i.n.g.l.e t.i.me. Why I do this I do not know and I cannot possibly begin to unravel the rat's nest that is my brain (and I advice you not to try either)>8DDD

So, writing this as I am on the day before the start of the term, I am one excited wittle girlie!

On another note, yesterday marks a very historic day! That is, the day I yet again begun my fight against the fat on my body [insert surprised exclamation here].

Don't get me wrong, I quite like the way I look. I'm not thin, and most of the time I don't want to be. I say "most of the time", because occasionally the real world comes knock,knock, knocking on my door to tell me that skinny girls is the shit and wouldn't I like to look like that?

hurr durr?

19 aug. 2010

So ... the last post I did here was in February. That's roughly 6 months ago. Well aren't I the devoted blogger? Reading my friends blog kick started my desire for some air-filled writing!

A lot has happened since that last post all those months ago. Though, considering all the time that's passed, one could say that life's been pretty uneventful and at times even dreadfully dull. I'm back in Svearike - Sweden, for one. I got my first job, my first paycheck (well and long gone by now) and got accepted to school. *happy face*

Now, this is what I actually wanted to write about! My new fabulous going-back-to-school bag! What can I say, it was love at first sight? (L)

Just a little something to celebrate that I'm bringing my life to a direction that I actually like. That's got to be worth something :)

... I need to do something about this layout :/