30 nov. 2010


My last model recently got sick, and I don't really feel up to model-hunting this close to the deadline, so today was my ninth and last session! Huzzah!

This my beautiful and exceptionally smart sister. I'm so proud of her.

28 nov. 2010

22 nov. 2010


Det fotografiska uttrycket 7.5 VG


18 nov. 2010


Today, my mom, her colleges and I took the bus to Ullared. The driver was a real charmer, until we discovered his most likely innate ability to never ever shut up :D

First timer as I was I was strung tight as a string. My mother and I got ourselves a cart each and then proceeded to dive into the war zone that is Ullared and decided to immediately split up. Not quite surprisingly, five minutes later I had abandoned my cart and retreated to base (my mom). That place is fucking scary. Old ladies with carts are fucking scary.

I was going to write this biiig post (that nobody'll ever read)about my adventure, but since I have more important stuff to talk about, I won't.

1. My spoils of war



You'd better look at this picture CLOSELY, because it's very likely it's the last flash pic you'll see from me until my ass starts growing money.
My lovely cat, who's not really all that lovely at all right now, made me drop my camera and the fall totally obliterated my beloved flash ;__; I may have continuously told my flash what a useless little bitch it is, but I did so out of love. And now it's very likely I won't ever tell it anything ever again *drama*

My mom just came down and tried to be all nice and stuff, and all I did was bitch at her. I'm such an ungrateful child!!

But srsly though, I just used up money I don't really have to shop for things I don't really need - I don't have any money! I'm bringing my baby with me to school. Somebody ought to be able to tell me something .______.

Thus, I will now proceed to torment you with very grainy and very ugly pictures. Yeah.

Leggins, hipsters, socks, IPhone screen cover.

Awesome Tube-top and equally awesome jacket. Trust me - it's awesome.

Cozy, grey poncho-jacket.

Shiny skirt with lovely rose pattern.


Now, I'll retreat back into my world of darkness and wallow in self pity.




17 nov. 2010

Today I had coffee with the two lovely Batista sisters and it's really given me a lot to think about and process. Time to kick this thing a-moving.

Also thinking of changing from Red Admiral Photography to something a little more personal. Like Malin L Photography or something. That way I'll be a person and not just a name...

15 nov. 2010

A couple of old pictures I decided to work on :)

I have to stop cropping my pictures so close to the face. What's up with that??

13 nov. 2010

365 Project

I joined this project called 365 Project. The idea is to take one picture a day for a whole year. I don't even know if this is something I can do. I mean, I suck at doing things like this. But you know what? I really want to give it a try :)



This has been one weird week. I'm not sure if I'm sad to see it go or not. Today, for the first time in days, I changed out of my pajamas and into a pair of jeans. No school and not leaving the house has made this week into one big pile of mush. I really can't remember the days.

Monday's the big test that I should have been dreading but haven't. I've barely opened the book. Panic setting in right about now. But it's okay, I think. I mean, I've been playing around in Photoshop for ... 8 years or something like that. I know what I'm doing! Almost.

ANyway, I just wanted to tell you about the pizza I had today from this new place in town. Compared to that pizza, my week has been wierdless!

Pesto, walnuts, black olives and some kind of ham. Delicious and the first time ever that I don't have to worry about my brother taking stuff not his to take. Nedless to say, he wasn't impressed at all! But I tell you, it was good!

Also, here's a pic of the one being that's been keeping me together lately.

Love you.

So much!

11 nov. 2010

9 nov. 2010

Digital painting is a pain in the *ss. Also, I think she looks like a tranny right now :/

Epic Dreamer

I had the most ... unnerving and at the same time very exhilarating dream last night. About dragons and people turning into dragons. Epic adventures and great love stories. I dreamt out an entire book and I can't recall more than the tiniest fragments. The weirdest part? The thing I remember most vividly was a sex scene between the heroin of the story and her male lover. Only I was that heroin and we were half dragons. Yes, people, Fantasy sex dreams and I just had one. I don't even want to think about what the fact that we were half animals implies. Yikes.

Don't hit me when I say this but it was actually quite beautiful. Two people () reunited after so long a separation falling into each others arms. *sigh* I'm such an incurable romantic fool. And you know, I shouldn't even be sharing this with anyone let alone the world wide web, but I'm actually curious as to what people will think. Also, I'm weirded out. Yes.

7 nov. 2010


Five years come and gone. I know you'd be proud of me dad.

5 nov. 2010

Today, I'm skipping school. I'm totally gonna stay at home and wallow in my own misery. My troath - it hurts so bad I want to cry from the frustration of it. Oh, but I already did that 8DDD. EVERY single time I swallow, which is like 6-7 times a minute, razors fucking course down the inside of my troath, shredding it to little pieces! Oh, I'm being dramatic am I? Indulge me! D:<' Pain makes me mean ._________.

So. No school. Instead. I'm making this:

And yes, I'm going to eat ALL of it. It's the ultimate prerogative of a sickling (other than making nice people do your bidding). And that would be me!

So the agenda of today is as follows: lots of chocolate cake, aaaand this:

Both cake and entertainment was recommended to me by my dear friend Matilda.

3 nov. 2010

My throat is killing me, and not very softly at all! I feel like a throttle-attempt survivor. Ouch :( Mum, being the wise creature that mums usually are, told me to call vårdcentralen. I think I will because this is hell.

More importantly, however is that today I officially got started on my final project in school! Exciting, right? (or so I tell myself)

I have 10 models and roughly a month to shoot, airbrush, develop and assemble it all into a neat portfolio. Not to mention the many hours of painful looking-through-hundreds-of-photos-and-wrestling-with-self-over-which-ones-to-choose that I can now look forward to. I detest it :( very much.

But it isn't all bad. I actually had a lot of doubts as to whether the technical aspects of this would work. I mean, I have the finished picture in my head, but as we all know my head doesn't really compare with the outside world. It's that rundown motel you just don't want to check into.

Okay, enough of the fluffy talk. This is Ellen; my very beautiful, very talented and very brave friend. Being the first one out, she had to endure all the difficult stuff. She actually had to be the one to calm me down - and I'm the photographer. For that, I am grateful. I've never shot with her before and I'm surprised at how well it went. Usually it takes a couple of shoots before photographer and model find a place where they're comfortable. But this being something I'm actually trying to avoid this time, I think that shortened the process somewhat. I'm so mean <3

These are just some of the many great shots we got today. In the end, I have to narrow it down to 2 pictures a model, but since I'm somewhat of a procrastinate genius, I'm leaving that for later. Hah.

1 nov. 2010

Photoshop skillz not quite

A couple of pics I had a quick go at in PS. Will probably redo because patience level is at zero right now. Anyone had one of those days when everything just goes wrong and suddenly your life seems in need of some serious airbrushing? Who am I kidding - of course you do! However, I really wanted to write something here, even though my mood totally crashed somewhere in between tolerable and go-fuck-yourself-land.