21 dec. 2010


Amanda and I spent part of the day fooling around with my camera. It was nice :) and we both got to pratice! I really had a great time. Also, a couple of more pictures on the way.

14 dec. 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

Currently writing the report for my recent school project. Looking through it, I realize it's been quite an adventure. I feel that I've grown a lot, and learned a lot and I'm kind of sad to see it go. On the other hand it's a relief that it's finally over. Or soon, anyroad.

I just wanted to show you guys the finished, digital product of all our hard work, and also thank any who participated and made all this possible. It was supposed to be a surprise, but it lifts a weight off my shoulder to be able to give something back: You're all receiving a print of your pictures. The finished prints also look a lot better than what they do on the screen. It's in A4-format and printed in matte paper, which is awesome. You can either come pick them up, or have them handed over to you the next time we meet. Thank you <3

Here they are, in the order they were shot.

12 dec. 2010

Oh Christmas Tree ...

Decorated the Christmas tree today :)

It's really just two pictures put together in PS.

But tbh, I did it more for the practice than anything else. It doesn't really look all that great X)

And now, some pictures of my darling helpers! Santa called and wanted to hire them, but I told him he'd have to look elsewhere! <3

11 dec. 2010

I'm in the progress of making a new blog head. Only I realized a mistake I made and also, I just lost the PS-file. Awesome. So, *work in progress*.

10 dec. 2010

Barbara Kruger

In today's post I decided to give homage to one awesome lady, whose cutting pictures never miss the mark: One Barbara Kruger.

Barbara Kruger studied art and design with Diane Arbus, another great photographer of our time. Arbus, just fyi, came from a privileged home but professed that she felt more comfortable with the working class, which I think is ttly cool. Arbus also had a certain fascination with freaks and twins. Check her out here.

But enough about her.

What Kruger is famous for isn't her photography. In fact, most of her work is based on already existing work from other photographers. What's interesting is what she does with said pictures. Adding very spot-on aggressive texts, mostly about different types of power struggles, be that between difference in social status, sexes or the product's control over the consumer, Kruger "questions the viewer about femenism, consumerism, and individual autonomy and desire" (ttly nicked that from wiki).

But since I think her pictures speak more than well enough for themselves (and also, that's all I could think of writing, but I'm going to pretend that's not the case), I'm gong to let them do just that. So, here you have some of my favorites.

Thank you Kruger! You're totally going on my list for Santa this year.

1 dec. 2010

I have a problem. Friday is the deadline I gave myself. Friday, I have to hand my photos over to have them printed. That gives me tomorrow to select and edit 18 pictures. Well, I'm done with a fair amount so that's not really the problem. The problem is this: HOW am I supposed to CHOOSE.

I have this thing, that when I'm offered more than one choice (which I DEMAND that I am), my heart starts beating out of my throat! I.CAN'T.CHOOSE. I feel sick, and suddenly my whole continued existence hinges on this one, insignificant decision.

Silly me.