21 jan. 2011

Charlie as Kurt Hummel in Glee

Today my friend Charlie and I had our long awaited Kurt Hummel Glee cosplay photoshoot! It went surprisingly well!

16 jan. 2011

Jag har märkt hur rädd jag faktiskt är för att verkligen ta i. Jag vågar inte alls och sitter och är mesig istället. Amanda hjälpte knuffa mig i rätt riktning, även om resultatet ... leaves a lot to desire. Det är bara att köra på :)

Pre Amanda pep talk:

Post Amanda pep talk:

15 jan. 2011

Progress :D

First panel in a one-page comic I'm doing!

14 jan. 2011

Making fuggly art and watching Big Bang Theory (Y)

5 jan. 2011

Ok so I changed my mind.

This is now ChaeYoung Park aka Marley Johansen aka Jade, the stripper.

4 jan. 2011

I've been so damn unproductive these last weeks. I have stuff to do, of course, but as usual all those things remain undone and I end up doing nothing at all.

So instead of doing nothing, I'm doing something. I'm doing crappy drawing (Y) I KNOW digital painting takes time to get good at, but honestly I never had that kind of patience. Orz

This is Maya.

As always is started out as one thing and ended up as another. I swear, I have problems. My brain doesn't compute. But that's not really a surprise X)